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Kentucky Flood, 2022

Email Received August 16, 2022.

Just a word of thanks for a great product that works, as advertised. I run a one-man gunsmith business in East Ky, right in the middle of the flood zone so well covered by the news nationally. It was bad, many lost everything. Guns are covered in rust & mud. Many looked hopeless when delivered (I have 200 on the books & 160 pocket knives). I bought one of your pads quite a while back and it set in the corner of my shop, my preference being bronze wool for light rust.
Well, the flood changed everything. Needing to work quickly and efficiently, the pads do the work fast and correct. 
I use a Ballistol and water mix to clean and stop the loss, and with using your pad I find that I do not have to go back, just a ‘finish of Ballistol’ and there is no further after rust. I will replace them and tell the story around as work gives me a break. 
Pray for our folks who have lost so much.
Thanks for reading my story. 
          Charlie, Eastern Sky Arms, Bonnyman, Ky


American Rifleman – Rough Cleaning: Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner. July, 2019 Issue

Email Received July 3, 2019.

“I saw a write up of your Big 45 Metal Cleaner in American Rifleman magazine and it sounded like a remarkable product so I ordered some and at $6.00 what’s not to like. I tried it on 5 of my TC Contender barrels, one 22 LR, two 22 centerfire, one 357, and one 45/.410, and I have to say I am completely blown away. A couple of the barrels always had something left in the barrel no how much solvent and brushing I did. I used your product dry (no solvent) wrapped around a brush and in 8 to 12 strokes the barrels were completely clean . One barrel was a .410 shotgun barrel that maybe has never been cleaned in all the years I have owned it and Big 45 got it cleaned in 10 strokes. I can’t wait to try these barrels soon. Almost all my range time is shooting 100 yard groups so I will know quickly if there is an improvement and I will let you know. I don’t have a bore scope but a close examination of the bores of these barrels when I was finished satisfied me they were completely clean. Thanks again.”  Tim M., Utah


American Rifleman – Product Preview: Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner, by American Rifleman Staff. January 24, 2018


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This Blog “WHEN IT’S REAL DIRTY” is from Clapp on Handguns from American Rifleman 8/9/2012.



This article is from Shoot! Magazine, Nov-Dec. 2005 issue.

Saddle Bags – Product reviews by Smith N’ Jones

Frontier Big 45 Metal Cleaner

The Big 45 Frontier Gun Shop in Sioux Falls, SD is producing a metal cleaning pad, much like the one your mom used to scour the pots and pans. It is made from a special metal alloy that is designed to remove rust, corrosion, and other crud from metal surfaces right down to the original surface finish, without harming that surface. This includes the fine blueing and browning. The cleaning pad is to be used as you would ordinary steel wool but it works better and faster and will not harm the finish. The Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner is not recommended for use on cold blued surfaces, anodized aluminum, or brass. I used one of the metal cleaner pads on an old, badly rusted shotgun barrel and action and I was amazed at how well it removed the rust. While there was a lot of deeper rust pitted in places, the pad removed the surface rust from the blueing and indeed, did not remove the blueing itself. It looked like a great product that every shooter should keep in his gun cleaning box. For more information call toll free 800-342-1548. (PO Box 90947, Sioux Falls, SD 57109)

This article is Copyright 2005 Shoot! Magazine.



This article appeared in Shooting Times, November 1977.

Hipshots by Skeeter Skelton

Try Frontier Metal Cleaner on dirty bores.

Bill Nelson, owner of the Big 45 Frontier Gun Shop (PO Box 90947, Sioux Falls, SD 57109), has a new product to sell, and he has pretty well convinced me that it’s a good one. Called Frontier Metal Cleaner, the stuff resembles steel lathe shavings or perhaps very course steel wool. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about his claim for it. Among other statements, he wrote, It will clean bores faster than anything on the market. I have found that Ruger .357s after shooting a box of Super X ammo will be leaded so bad you can hardly see the rifling. Normally this lead will be completely removed in less than a minute. Anyone who has spent a few hours trying to scrub out the lead deposits of 50 rounds of factory, plainbased, lead .357 loads from the bore of their favorite six gun, Ruger or otherwise, would then indeed consider the Frontier method worthy of trial. I don’t shoot plainbased lead bullets at high velocities in my .357 guns because it is a fact that they lead barrels to an unacceptable degree. To test the new metal cleaner, I implemented an old, rusty 12 gauge shotgun barrel sent by Nelson. He said it had stood out in the elements for a year. There was a light brown coat of rust all along its exterior. The bore was dark and forbidding. As a sort of countertest, I first attempted to clean the bore with solvent and a regular 12 gauge brass brush. After a thorough scrubbing, a good deal of rust remained. Then I employed a brush wrapped (perhaps ‘imbedded’ is the word) with strands of the metal cleaner. About six passes with the dry brush and cleaner left the bore brilliantly clean and bright. I then used the dry brush on the exterior rust, without any sort of lubricant. It removed the rust, and what original blue had remained before the rusting process was still there, as evidenced by a comparison with unrusted blued surfaces on the barrel. Getting interested. I took down an almost mint 1903 Springfield. I say ‘almost mint’ because while the exterior is near new, the bore is dark. Undoubtedly some previous owner left it uncleaned after firing corrosive GI ammunition in it. I am attached to the old gun and have scrubbed the hell out of the bore on numerous occasions. It remained a bit cruddy. Wrapping strands of the Frontier metal cleaner around a .30 caliber brush. I made six passes through the bore. It became shiny, the lands and grooves looked sharp, and a few pits, which no cleaner will remove, showed in the grooves. The question arises whether extensive use of the material will wear or otherwise damage the bore. Bill Nelson assures me that it won’t. The metal shavings, if they may be called that, are stated to be an alloy of stainless steel, nickel silver, Monel, and zinc. Nelson states, …with the Metal Cleaner you are putting dozens of cutting edges to work at the same time. It will normally take everything off the surface (rust, dirt, paint, shellac, etc.) without harm to the original surface. Just follow the instructions and don’t be afraid to lean into it. I take care of my guns, and very seldom have a cleaning problem that requires the use of an aid like the Frontier Metal Cleaner. But, I would use it infrequently and not have to worry about it causing bore wear. Nelson also recommends his cleaner for use on loading dies and bullet molds.

This article is Copyright 1977 Shooting Times Magazine.



Facebook Feedback July 5th, 2021. “I’ve been using and bragging about your product for over 20 years now, but I have never taken the time to take pics, until today. I had these 3 gems given to me so naturally I break my 45 cleaner out to see what I was getting into . After 5 minutes this is what I have. Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say.” -Joe Bush.