Remove Rust from Gun Bluing and Clean Dirty Gun Bores Easy!

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10 Gun Cleaning Tips

For Best Results in Gun Cleaning:

1. Know how to safely disassemble/reassemble your gun.

The last thing you want to do is bend a part because you’re forcing something when the gun should come apart easily. Keep the manual in the case where you store your gun for quick reference, or get on the Internet and search for the manual if you’ve lost yours.

2. Never, ever have any ammunition in the area where your gun cleaning.

If your ammo is stored in the same workspace where you are going to clean your gun, then you need to find a new gun cleaning location. Not a month goes by where there is a newspaper article about someone cleaning their firearm and accidentally shooting themself, even though they were sure the gun was unloaded. 

3. Always wear eye protection.

Before you even start taking your gun apart for cleaning, put on your safety glasses first. A spring may pop out of a gun or a chemical could splash into your eye. 

4. Make sure you clean your gun in a well-ventilated place.

The last place you want to be is locked in a little workroom with all of the fumes from these cleaners. Clean your gun in your garage, a large room with a window open, or on a back deck. As long as no ammunition is around, any of these places work.

5. In addition to Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner, there are a few other items you need to properly clean your gun.

These include Q-tips (or pipe cleaners) for the hard to reach places, a towel or rag to wipe the gun off when you’re done with it, the rod and brushes to clean the barrel, and patches to run down the barrel. You can visit most sporting goods stores to buy an inexpensive cleaning kit that contains all of these items.

6. Give yourself plenty of time to clean your gun.

If you own a modern firearm built buy a quality company, every 500 rounds or so is a good frequency to clean your gun. Older guns should be done more frequently. When you do clean, don’t be in a rush. For a handgun, it should take you no longer than 30 minutes to clean the gun, but you want this to be a well-spent 30 minutes.  Clean every nook and crevice of your firearm. Remember, this gun could save your life one day, and/or become more valuable, so take good care of it.

7. Remember to clean the magazines.

When you clean your gun, you should also clean all of the magazines you’ve used in the last 500 rounds. Most pistol magazines quickly disassemble for easy cleaning.

8. Use the right cleaning products.

Don’t just grab whatever cleaning solution is under your sink. Use proper gun cleaning formulas.

9. Use a tray for keeping small parts organized.

There are many guns that have small parts such as pins and springs. If you use a tray when cleaning your gun, it may save you the frustration of losing these small parts in the carpet or floor.

10. Be sure to test your gun when finished.

After you’ve cleaned your gun and put it back together, you need to make sure it works. With a safe and empty gun, and a safe backstop, pull the trigger to see if it properly “fires.” Also, make sure the trigger resets properly when you rack the slide.

No matter how diligent you are, surface rust can happen to original bluing. When it does, use Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner to remove rust and then apply a light coat of oil to preserve the bluing. Order Now!